Please Note:

Our current menu is our COVID-19 Pandemic Menu. We have lowered our prices by 10-30% from our original menu to help you out during these trying times and because we want you to have the opportunity to try our high-quality fresh fish. Thank you for keeping our restaurant open.

At this time, we are accepting cash only. Tax is included on the menu prices. We are charging a service fee to financially support our servers and kitchen staff, including our kitchen chef.

Our staff are not working the same amount of hours as they did pre-pandemic, so they rely on generous tips in addition to the service fee.

We offer indoor, outdoor dining, and delivery.

Please order over the phone in advance at 


Note: These prices refer only to the take-out menu. Please ask for the dining menu when dining in.


Tempura 10

Battered and deep fried shrimp and vegetables.

Nagoya Style Chicken Wings 9

Deep fried chicken wings named after Nagoya.

Agedashi Tofu 7

Deep fried tofu with ginger and light sweet sauce.

Eggplant with Dengaku Sauce 7

Grilled Scallop 10

Grilled fresh dry scallop with home made mayonnaise.

Tatsuta-age 7

Deep fried and soy marinated chicken.

Edamame 4

Boiled green soybeans with light salt.

Shrimp Shumai 4

Shrimp and fish surimi in steamed dumplings (3pc).

Tuna Tataki 14

Sliced tuna with ponzu sauce.

Tuna Yukke 10

Sliced tuna with garlic soy sauce with uzura egg.

Home-made Gyoza Pork6,Shrimp7

Homemade shrimp or pork gyoza dumplings.

Fried White Fish Ling (Cod Family) 6

Monkfish Liver (Maine) 10

Grilled Mackerel (Norway) 10

Fried Oyster (Seattle) 10

Grilled Blackcod (Seattle) 12

Chilean Sea Bass (Chile14

Jumbo Grilled Squid (Japan) 18

Soft Shell Crab (Large) 20

Sea Eel Tempura* (Japan) 25

Yellowtail Kama (Japan) 12

Rice 2

Miso Soup 2


 *chef's choice


Sushi for Two


Sushi & sashimi


Sushi Takesushi

Sushi A 29

7 pc of sushi* and your choice of 1 roll.

Sushi B 35

8 pc of sushi* and your choice of 1 roll.

Sushi Takesushi 46

10 pc of sushiand bluefin tuna roll.

Chirashi 46

Rice bowl topped with fresh high quality fish slices.

Kaisen-Don 40

Rice bowl topped with fresh quality fish slices .

Battera Sushi 14

7 pc of pressed mackerel sushi.

Sushi for Two 78 (Deluxe 90 higher qualityfish)

16 pc of sushi*, Maine lobster roll, spicy tuna roll, and lobster soup.

Sushi & Sashimi 52

4 pc sushi* and 14 pc sashimi* and spicy tuna roll.

Sashimi & California Roll 42

14 pc sashimi (tuna, salmon, yellowtail, scallop, and octopus).

Omakase Sushi 85

12 pc, 1 toro roll, monkfish liver, miso soup.



 $5 Sushi Rolls                                           

Ginger, eel sauce, wasabi, avocado or spicy mayo $1 extra

Salmon Roll

California Roll 

Vegetable Roll

Ume-shiso Roll

Egg Roll

Shrimp Tempura Roll

Cucumber Roll

Avocado Roll

Sweet Potato Roll

Sushi Rolls                                        

Ginger, eel sauce, wasabi, avocado or spicy mayo $1 extra

Tuna Roll 8

Eel Roll 9

Alex Roll (Spicy tuna, avocado, and crunch.) 8

Bruce Roll (Shrimp tempura, spicy tuna, and avocado.) 8

Scallop Roll 8

Kanpyo Roll (Sweet squash, seaweed outside.) 5

Garden Roll 5

Rainbow Roll 12

Toro Scallion Roll (Fatty tuna, seaweed outside.) 15

Philadelphia Roll 6

Alaska Roll 6

Spider Roll (Soft shell crab) 20

Spicy Yellowtail Roll 8

Spicy Salmon Roll 5

Spicy tuna Roll 8

Pink panther Roll 7

$12, $14 $15 Special Rolls                                        

Ginger, eel sauce, wasabi, avocado or spicy mayo $1 extra

B Girl Eel, shrimp, mayo, and crunch wrapped with avocado and topped with eel sauce. $12

Meri Roll Shrimp tempura, crabstick, and cucumber wrapped with grilled salmon. $12

Dragon Roll Barbecue eel wrapped with avocado and topped with eel sauce. $12

Rob Roll Spicy tuna, shrimp, and crunch wrapped with avocado. $12

Ruby Roll Eel and crunch wrapped with yellow tail and avocado, topped with fish eggs and scallion $15

H&L Roll Spicy tuna, flying fish roe, and crunch wrapped with tuna and avocado. $12

Tsunami Roll Crabstick, shrimp, and crunch wrapped with tuna and avocado. $12

Flave Roll Yellowtail, fish egg, and crunch wrapped with avocado and tuna. $12

Billy Roll Spicy yellowtail wrapped with chopped tuna and topped with fish egg, crunch, and scallion.$12

Jennifer Roll Spicy yellowtail wrapped in avo, yellowtail topped w, chopped tuna, scallions, fish eggs.$12

Rachel Roll Spicy tuna and crunch wrapped with salmon and avocado. $12

Evanalex Roll Spicy tuna, yellowtail, and crunch wrapped with shrimp. $12

Grandma Selma Salmon wrapped with avocado and topped with salmon roe. $14

Finisto Baby Spicy tuna,shrimp temp wrapped with yellowtail and topped with crunch, scallion, fish eggs $15.

Michelle Roll Spicy yellowtail wrapped with chopped tuna and topped with scallion, crunch, salmon roe.$14

Lobster Roll Lobster topped with crunch, red fish eggs and scallion. $15

Elzo Roll Spicy salmon and crunch wrapped w, yellowtail and avocado, topped w, fish roe and scallion $15

Billy Roll.JPEG

Billy Roll andJennifer Roll

Cooked Dishes



Pork Katsu over Rice 8

Breaded deep fried pork cutlet over rice.

Chicken Katsu over Rice 8

Nabeyaki Udon 15

Hot noodle pot with chicken, egg, shrimp tempura, and vegetables.

Eel-Don 14

Grilled soy sauce glazed eel over rice.

Katsu-Don 8

Deep fried pork cutlet with egg and vegetables.

Tempura-Don 9

Battered, deep fried shrimp and vegetables over rice.

Chicken Teriyaki 10(without rice)

Beef Teriyaki 28(with rice)

Tempura Udon or Soba 13

Battered, deep fried shrimp/vegetables in udon or soba.

Rice on the outside (inside out).

Sushi, Sashimi a la carte

Tuna (World) 3

Bluefin Tuna (World) 5

Fluke (NY, NJ) 3

Kanpachi-Amber Jack 6

Shima-aji Stripe Jack (Japan) 7

Salmon (EU, Canada, USA) 3

Wild Smoked Salmon (out) 8

Wild Salmon (weekend only) 8

Shrimp (South America) ask for price

Squid sushi 3  sashimi 5 

Octopus (boiled) 6

Spanish mackerel (Atlantic) 4

Eel (China) 4

Sweet shrimp (Japan) 8 

Botan shrimp (Japan) 8

Sea Eel (Japan) out of stock

Mackerel 3

Horse Mackerel (Japan) 6

Madai (Japan) 5

Yellowtail (Japan) 4

Yellowtail Belly (Japan) 5

Salmon Roe 7

Sardine (Portugal, Japan) 5

Geoduck-Giant Clam (Seattle) 10

Uni (California) 12

Uni (Japan) out

Uni (Maine) 8

Chu-toro (medium fatty tuna) 7

Toro (World) (fatty tuna) 12

Kinki 10

Nodokuro 10

Capelin Fish Egg (Canada) 3

Fresh Fish Tray from Refrigerator

Shrimp (21-25) 10

 Salmon Tray  12 puls

 Tuna Tray  12

 Scallop Tray 12   

1/2 Pound Frozen Scallop 15

Uni (120 grams) in wooden tray 32

Uni (100 grams) in pack 25